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  • As a construction material in today and construction industry, concrete is known as a main industry Application  of materials or substances with cement ,water , stone ,other admixtures not only is a good way ,but also is a knowledge that follows special rules which are mixture of the parts and apply them as an art, in this internal systematic collection ,we can have technology and concrete engineering improvement.

    Being acquaintance with this science means , harmonics and opposites faces the mixture of concrete parts like the harmonics of music tunes in a symphony, that  if there is a suitable mixture of tunes ,results in a good music .If the mixture of materials and admixtures are reliable ,there would be a nice and permanent concrete and so on ,the well designed construction plan .Like the music tunes which have only 12 portions ,the concrete is included four materials as fallows:

    (Cement, Stone material, Water and admixtures)

    In a sense of observation of music principles and making the harmony by means of tunes, you can have a nice track tune in contrast with the time that principles are not done so that an unsuitable music tune is made.

    According to the new economical universe occasion ,the chemical firms with a research and application origin are the main resources of science and technical improvement that are the most important concrete technology ones in our country now .The Betonpas chemical firm by applying the new science and experience of expertise engineers in construction

    Discrimination of concrete foundation  ,application of admixtures in order to have the main specialties of concrete ,placing the concrete without molding , make the usage of new technology .earth quake or exploding resistance ,concrete corrosion because of spoilt and consultancy to function the construction and civil projects and also co-operating with concrete industry staff.




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